Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Album Review: Bekennerschreiben by Spheriot

Spheriot , is a great band I came across on Free Music Archive. It's a one man act, Luko, from Germany who records in his living room. There are elements of alt rock, electro and a bit of atmosphere in the songs on their album Bekennerschreiben (claim of responsibility) on WM Recordings. There is a delicate balance between the harder rock elements and the quieter electronic passages. The song order of the divergent sounds flows nicely and creates a balance that goes throughout the album.

David Bowie comes to my mind when I listen to they way Luko sings in and out of falsetto with the music backing of the fuzz guitar and electro. For someone who recently discovered independent music from across the globe, it's great that the sounds on this album could never come from an American band. Krautrock informs this album but Luko is not stuck in any one "genre'. It is melodic but the means to that melody is not through chorus chants and typical song structure.

Standout songs are Aufmarsch der Lemminge ,with it's climbing falsetto set against a muted fuzz guitar riff, and The Golden Circle with it's electro bounce and Bowie esque vocals, updated spacerock for the 2000's!

Other Spheriot albums: Living Room Orbits
Luko's side Jazz/improv group Zloty Dawai.


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